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Oven cleaning in York
from a local company
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Professional oven cleaning

At 2V, we value the excellence of our services, regardless of the condition of your oven. Our team is fully committed to achieving the ultimate goal of providing you with a sparkling clean oven that meets your satisfaction. To achieve this, we employ several professional methods.

Dip tank cleaning 

To achieve the professional sparkle that we aim for, we utilize several methods, with our primary method being the dip tank system. This system is at the forefront of oven cleaning equipment and involves disassembling multiple parts of your oven and immersing them in a tank containing highly effective chemicals. These chemicals are designed to break down any residue that traditional cleaning methods cannot remove. We initiate this process at the start of the job while a certified professional works on-site to ensure that the parts of the oven that cannot be removed are cleaned by hand to achieve the same level of quality

Certified professionals 

Our team members who work on your ovens are fully qualified, competent, and highly dedicated professionals. They have attended multiple training courses and have accumulated years of experience to ensure that they can deliver the 2V standard that we take pride in. They will not stop until both we and you are completely satisfied with their work

Friendly and Safe

At 2V we know home is where the heart is which is why all our employees must meet certain requirements before we allow them in your home.

These include 

DBS Checks 

At 2V, the safety and security of your home or business is of utmost importance to us. Therefore, we make sure that all of our staff have undergone a thorough DBS check for any past criminal convictions. You can trust that our team is completely trustworthy and reliable

Friendly and kind

At 2V, we prioritize offering a personable service, and as a result, our staff are incredibly friendly and pleasant. We strive to ensure that you feel comfortable and valued throughout your entire experience with us. Oh and Jen prefers her tea white no sugar 

Cleaning services 

Along side oven cleaning we offer professional cleaning services 

These services include but are not limited too

Kitchen Deep Cleans 

Hob Cleaning 


Extractor Fan Cleaning

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